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Finals week=hell. Plus my grandma is visiting so we're entertaining; plus all last week I pulled all nighters finishing up my mom's scrapbook for Mother's Day; plus I'm supposed to be looking for a summer job but no one will call me back. Ggggrrr. I loathe being so busy and having literally no time to myself to just relax. I haven't iconed in weeks due to lack of time and energy and that makes me sad.

I saw my ex today and it really bugged me. I don't have feelings for him but I can't help but feel inferior to him. Like, my life seems so boring and insignificant compared to his. It's a bad feeling. He has a new girlfriend every week and I have no one. Makes me feel like a loser big time.

Also I haven't been able to fall asleep before 4 am in months. :( Even though I'm exhausted my insomnia is worse than ever. Even Ambien isn't doing it for me anymore.

I stopped listening to the news because it is just too flipping depressing. All this death, the price of gas, the economy, and the political race makes me depressed for our future and our country. It's going down the shitter.

Sorry to rant. Hope you all are having a better week than I am.

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Hello LJ Friends! I have been an absolutely pathetic excuse for a friend. Almost a month since my last update and barely time to keep up with the community's and friend's journals. :( School has been kicking my butt this last part of the semester. Tons and tons of papers, essays, tests, and presentations are due as the last few weeks wind down. Sigh. My life is not my own anymore! Haha. This summer I need to try to find a job. I can do clerical, secretary stuff, anything on a computer, whatever. I love to read and I love to craft.

So ... two questions for everyone:

1. Based on what you know about me, what type of job do you see me in?

2. Tell me your wonderful/horrendous/hilarious summer job experiences! :) 

&& I promise a proper update tomorrow. Well, since its 1 am I guess I should say later today. Lol. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 


I'm off to get some zzzz's. I won't be looking quite as gorgeous asleep as Marilyn does here.

PS- New layout.... you like, you hate?? I'm having creative ADD lately.

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Under the cut are 36 Marilyn Monroe Icons as well as 3 banners from monroe_stills !

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*In completely unrelated news, I have been 19 for officially a week now. Yay! I had a great b-day. First there was the pre-birthday motorcycle ride, which was terrifying but fun. Then I had lunch at the country club with my parents; I got my favorite lunch ever: Chicken Ravioli with this special sauce and extra pine nuts. After school we went out to Red Brick Pizza and stuffed our faces. Then it was home for cake. While I still haven't got the car I've been waiting for forever, I did get some pretty cool presents- a hot pink iHome, 101 Dalmatians DVD, The Aristocrats DVD, Forbidden Hollywood DVD set, and hopefully a new stereo for my car that will let me play ipod. I also got some spending $$ which I blew in LA on Monday. All-in-all it's been good.

*10 Things You Love That Start With the Letter....*

I was assigned a 'B' by 

misskelleen - one of my favorite people on LJ. ;) If you want a letter to do a list too, just comment. 

Books. Reading is one of my passions. Currently I'm reading The Lost Life of Eva Braun, who was Hitler's mistress. It's fascinating.

Britney Spears. I know, I know!  I've loved her since I was 9 years old. Her music makes me happy. Plus I can relate to mental illness.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. One of my all time favs and the source of one of my fav quotes, "We're a couple of no name slobs. We beloing to nobody and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to eachother."

Big, Mr. Big. The guy Carrie can't live with and can't live without in Sex and the City. I think he's suave and complicated and sexy. (I liked Aiden too though!)

Bert Stern's Pictures of Marilyn Monroe. NOTE- NOT Bert Stern himself, just the photos!! This session is amazing.

Birthday Cake! VONS white on white is to die for. My birthday is on Thursday and if my momma wants to make me very happy, she will get me one! (Pictured cake not from VONS)

Bubble Baths. Complete with candles, jacuzzi jets, a great book, and an ice cold drink=heavenly.

Billie Holiday. I love jazz and she is simply the best.

Bambi. One of my favorite Disney movies.

Bruschetta. If you've had it you know what I'm talking about! If you haven't had it, go try it!


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Icon post! Here is a bunch of icons that I have made over the past few weeks. If you like them, thank you! I love reading comments and feel free to take/edit as you want. :)

1-45 Marilyn Monroe
46-49 make fun of Lindsay Lohan ^_^
50-68 Britney Spears 


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Also, HERE* is a link to my Marilyn Monroe book collection on Amazon if anyone is interested. It is complete with my own comments, which I'm sure you are dying to read. ;)

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The Sam Shaw photos of Marilyn. These were taken in the summer of 1957 when Marilyn was pregnant with Arthur Miller. The ones with the blue polka dot dress and the white top and brown beaded neckalce were taken at the Miller's enormous CT estate. The beach ones were taken at the same time in the Hamptons. The last set is Marilyn and Arthur in 1957 in Manhatten exploring the city.

I fell in love with these pics because Marilyn is at her happiest and most radient here. She exudes life and hope, even through grainy black and white shots. Also, it was these pictures that made me fall in love with Arthur Miller, or rather the relationship he and Marilyn had! I've never seen Marilyn look so natural and happy as she does in these pics with Arthur. Nor have I ever seen Arthur, who was a recluse, look so happy and comfortable in front of the camera. They seem to just fit together like a puzzle. Enjoy-

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 I'll be out of comission until Thursday. My step-grandpa passed away after a long battle with heart failure. So that's why I won't be checking any communities or posting.

xoxo, Lauren